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Presented here is a discourse on the concepts and ideas of ballistic stretching (part 1) and a follow along program that I have used myself that has had a profound impact on my body (part 2). You can follow part 2 strictly, or use the ideas from part 1 to create your own program in a similar format. I have safely used ballistic stretching in all of my students for 10 years now, without a single injury, including elderly students up to 80 years old with no previous experience. Be smart, listen to your body, and never work through pain (discomfort is a different story however!).

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Craig Mallett

Craig is a student of the Da Xuan tradition of Daoism under Serge Augier and formally the creator of Aware Relaxed Connected.  From 2003 – 2012 Craig studied the arts of Xin Yi Liu He Quan, Cha Quan and Yang style Taiji under his first Teacher Dapeng Wang.  In 2011 he began expanding his education to include gymnastics and gymnastic strength training, various natural/global movement modalities, parkour, strength, conditioning and flexibility, Ancestral Movement and Stretch Therapy. Explorations in these arts lead to Craig creating a Body Awakening syllabus. Craig’s work has now been absorbed by Physical Alchemy and has become an integral part of the Physical Repatterning Work.

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