Ballistic Stretching


Please read the following article to get a more in depth understanding of my approach to stretching:

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Presented here is a discourse on the concepts and ideas of ballistic stretching (part 1) and a follow along program that I have used myself that has had a profound impact on my body (part 2). You can follow part 2 strictly, or use the ideas from part 1 to create your own program in a similar format. I have safely used ballistic stretching in all of my students for 10 years now, without a single injury, including elderly students up to 80 years old with no previous experience. Be smart, listen to your body, and never work through pain (discomfort is a different story however!).

Many people have had a profound influence and impact on my training, and I am forever grateful to these people. They are too numerous to list here, although you can find a links to most of their websites on my resources page:

Please take some time to check these people out, and support them where possible - their work is something of a treasure in the modern age.