Glute Activation


Most of the population have issues with being able to effectively use the Gluteus muscles in their movement. I was a part of this group myself, and none of the exercises out there worked well for me so I decided to come up with my own approach. In this video I will explain that approach and the exercises that I used to help myself and now countless other people. This is an explorative class, so you can follow along or simply listen to it and do your own explorations following the concepts. The idea is that every time you do one of the patterns shown in your daily life you remember to pay attention and follow the cues. You should only need a few formal sessions before you get the idea and it starts to seep into daily life.

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Craig Mallett

Craig is a student of the Da Xuan tradition of Daoism under Serge Augier and formally the creator of Aware Relaxed Connected.  From 2003 – 2012 Craig studied the arts of Xin Yi Liu He Quan, Cha Quan and Yang style Taiji under his first Teacher Dapeng Wang.  In 2011 he began expanding his education to include gymnastics and gymnastic strength training, various natural/global movement modalities, parkour, strength, conditioning and flexibility, Ancestral Movement and Stretch Therapy. Explorations in these arts lead to Craig creating a Body Awakening syllabus. Craig’s work has now been absorbed by Physical Alchemy and has become an integral part of the Physical Repatterning Work.

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