Lifting With the Armpits


In this tutorial you will learn how to use the muscles in the armpit (and parts of the back) to lift the arm, rather than the muscles on top of the shoulder and neck. Lifting the arm in this way will have a few effects, the most prominent of which are the awakening of the deep armpit muscles and the relaxation of the trapezius and surrounding neck muscles. The trapezius (trap) in particular is a muscle which holds lots of tension due to stress, and is massively over active due to modern habits of sitting on couches, in front of computers and in cars.

Practicing this routine for just a few minutes each day will rapidly change the experience you have of your shoulder and eventually build the connection between the arm and the torso, allowing to use your arm with great ease and relaxation. It also has implications for various qi gong and martial applications, as well as assisting with strength and flexibility of the shoulder.

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