Resting Transitions


Please read the accompanying article that provides more details into the how and what of the basic unsupported resting positions:

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This follow along class covers the methods of exploration I use to develop new positions and transitions of rest. It is an explorative class and as such there is no need for reps or sets, simply spend time each day exploring your currently available positions, and trying to find new ones. I have purposefully left some details vague so as to encourage the viewer to explore for themselves, so instead of thinking of these as "the correct way to do things", try to think of them instead as clues that will help you perform your own in depth explorations.

Many people have had a profound influence and impact on my training, and I am forever grateful to these people. They are too numerous to list here, although you can find a links to most of their websites on my resources page:

Please take some time to check these people out, and support them where possible - their work is something of a treasure in the modern age.