Rib and Torso Articulation


In this program you will learn to articulate the various segments of the torso.  Starting from the top down you will learn to spread and crush the ribs and open and close the soft tissues of the abdominal cavity and the hips.  This will be practiced in three planes - the saggital plane dealing with forward and backward bending, the lateral plane dealing with bending to either side, and the transverse plane dealing with rotation around the spine. 

You will also explore directed breathing and see how this can assist in re-awakening the deeper layers and assist in opening and closing in positions where it feels stuck. Opening the ribs especially will assist greatly with the any breathing practices, as well as contribute significantly to back flexibility and spinal mobility. 

This type of practice is best done daily for as much time as you can spare, until such time as the ribs are articulating properly and awareness is spread evenly across the ribs, spine and soft tissues. Just like many of the other practices in my tutorials, it can be taken as far as you want to take it. See the video below for a really high level exanple of rib and spinal mobility:


Obviously there are many other practices required to get to the level demonstrated in the above video (such as spinal waves, see my other program here) but this tutorial is a perfect starting point.




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Craig Mallett

Craig is a student of the Da Xuan tradition of Daoism under Serge Augier and formally the creator of Aware Relaxed Connected.  From 2003 – 2012 Craig studied the arts of Xin Yi Liu He Quan, Cha Quan and Yang style Taiji under his first Teacher Dapeng Wang.  In 2011 he began expanding his education to include gymnastics and gymnastic strength training, various natural/global movement modalities, parkour, strength, conditioning and flexibility, Ancestral Movement and Stretch Therapy. Explorations in these arts lead to Craig creating a Body Awakening syllabus. Craig’s work has now been absorbed by Physical Alchemy and has become an integral part of the Physical Repatterning Work.

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