Workshop Fragments

Virtually join Dave Wardman ( and I for over an hour of fragments from the workshop we taught together in Adelaide in October 2015. The workshop was presented to instructors and students at a Parkour facility, so was delivered in the context of assisting an already existing practice, so please bear this in mind when watching.

This video includes theory and exercises on the following topics:
- wrist, elbow and shoulder protection
- development of the spring quality in the arms
- various hanging exercises
- rib awakening
- swinging and brachiation basics
- pushing and pulling through the legs
- landing basics
- and more!

Shout outs to the following people for making this possible:
- Travis Ransom from Point A for hosting us
- Frazer for filming
- Simon Thakur for introducing me to many of the exercises and concepts I presented at this workshop

All of these people are most excellent people, and you should support them by going to their classes or hiring them to do things.